Sunday, September 9, 2012

Remember this day, lil' champ !!!

My dear lil' champ,

Today is a day to remember. We have many life-altering days in our life but we forget them in the daily humdrum as time passes by. But, I don't want to forget this day and I don't want you to forget this day. It is a bright Sunday, the day you ran your first mile race. Your family has no running bone in them, so you surprised us with your desire to run this race. Your dad's obsession with the races is limited to viewing appearances, in the race course egging on his favorite horse, or on TV watching Fernando Alonso drive to pole. So, genuinely I was surprised that you insisted on running this race!

It was last week that you came back from school having signed up to run this mile long race on a Sunday morning at 5 am. I know we asked you to reconsider. I was not sure you or I would wake up so early to make it to the race track. I tried to explain that to you, but you were certain that you would wake up on time. I was concerned if your seven year old legs could run a mile on an unfamiliar road-track. I tried to explain to you what a mile is and how long that winding track was, but you were certain that you would run the course. I tried to tell you that there would be cars on the road and I was worried about you running on the road, but, you used logic to tell me there would be no traffic that early in the morning. You were persistent, my dear. To run that race was your dream and you let no one come in the way. You persevered, you ran your dream race this morning.

My sleepy groggy eyes woke up to your excitement this morning. You were passionate, my dear. I could see it in your eyes as we got ready to leave this morning for the race track. Your passion was contagious and my apprehensions about you being up to it were laid to rest. We reached the race track and it was heartening to see you warm-up and get ready for the big moment. And when the starters gun went off, everyone set off on the mile long race, except you. My heart stopped a minute when I saw you kneel down and look back. I thought your eyes were searching for me. I could see you through the crowd but could not get to you. We were not sure what happened to you. Then we figured out that your shoes had come off and by then, everyone else in the race was so far ahead. I thought you'd stop, but you fixed your shoe, got up and ran. You ran your race with heart. You did not give up this morning, you were determined, my dear. To see you run alone behind the pack was heart-breaking for me, so, I ran behind you that I can keep you company, that you don't feel alone. But, such was your spirit that I could not catch up with you, I saw you reach the leading pack and merge into it. I lost sight of you, but I knew you had fought back. You fought hard, you made your dream race count this morning.

It is not about winning or losing, but, I write this to remind you of your own passionate spirit. This letter is not for today, but it is for times ahead in your life. This letter is for those times when life throws a gauntlet at you, when there are ups and downs. This letter is for those times when you are feeling blue. This letter is for all those tests in your life ahead, when you need to remember this day and the spirit you showed today. 

I glimpsed the soul of a fighter today. I saw the spirit of a champion this morning. I felt the heartbeat of a hero in you this beautiful morning. So, remember this day, lil' champ ! You will see your true potential in this day. Persistence, perseverance and passion you showed today is for all times. You can always make your dream come alive.

All the best,
Your father.


  1. A cute post. A father's letter to his seven year old.
    Well written :)

  2. I remember that moment, that heart-breaking moment when my sister's shoe came off, but I also remember the moment, the heart-warming moment when she finished the race in the first fifteen. The two moments that almost brought me tears, for two different reasons. I'll never forget that li'l champ!

  3. Very passionate. This is such a heart touching idea to write letters of accomplishment to your children for them to read later in life!

  4. A very soulful account without doubt-your son is lucky to have a sagacious parent like you.

  5. So nice. May she grow up to be a great achiever!!

  6. God bless the Lil' Champion...Wish we adults could maintain the same spirit...

  7. This race the lil champ may have missed- its never about winning or losing- but its about the lesson of life- how to lead it-how to be a fighter...way to go....lil champ...and the dad- to put it in words so nicely....for remembering it always...not today,tomorrow but forever- to charge up oneself- whenever there is need to pepp up and get back!

  8. Wonderful, i am not good at writing what i feel, but wanted to say that it was wonderful to read this!