Monday, December 31, 2012


Searching for the sun
No, not a ray of hope
A dull blanket of mist
As this sadness spreads 
Tears well up as clouds
And our heavy hearts heave
Peep out of this window
See a sad world so broken

Waiting for the breeze
No, not a flutter of hope
And the air so still
As this madness spreads
Anger clouds a clear sky
Our muddied minds sink
Peep out of this window
See a violent world so broken

Looking for the moon
No, not a sliver of hope
A music so haunting
As this darkness spreads
Hate scars the night 
As peaceful smiles disappear
Peep out of this window
See a dark world so broken

Why peep out of this window?
To see a world so broken
A world so much in pain
Nothing much to gain
Close your eyes to this world
So heartless, so hopeless
And peep into your own self
Heal a world so broken


  1. Awesome!!!! I hope this broken world gets healed in the coming year!

  2. Peep In, you will find the answers and may be a ray of hope. Good stuff, fellow Martian.