Saturday, May 25, 2013

Where are you now?

Think back on the lives of the many great leaders and their sacrifices. Contrast that to the self-serving satraps of today who have corrupted almost every sphere of society. Mindless consumerism has degenerated society into a museum of the living dead. Interest groups and lobbying for resources create far more divisions than visible or conceivable. Convenience has replaced values, closing an eye to the plundering of a nation. As a nation, we have forgotten the lessons handed down to us. Searching for true leadership in these times, we can not but call on the spirit of the Mahatma and his vision for a self-sufficient and equal nation.

Where are you now?
A stray bullet of insanity
The dark shadow of hate
It laid you to the long rest
No bullet can kill you
Neither can this hate
Messiah of peace
Are you smiling at us now?

Where are you now?
A thick fog of immorality
The land of infidels and corrupt
It overshadows your memory
Your lessons are long lasting
But you are most missed now
Moral leader so farsighted
Are you smiling at us now?

Where are you now?
A deep ridge of inequality
The games of power and cunning
It tears up your simple message
This world more enslaved now
Less free than it was then
True leader of the masses
Are you smiling at us now?

Where are you now?
Where are you now?
Your time has come again
To walk this divided land
Your time has come again
To heal and to rebuild
For all the forgotten people
To see you smiling again

1 comment:

  1. Indeed time has come again!! There is Mahatma inside all of us. Time that we discover it inside ourselves. It took a long personal personal journey for MK Gandhi to become Mahatma. Time that we also start taking some personal actions and progress on our journey towards a national cause!!