Saturday, July 17, 2010

Games people play

This is the age of physic Paul, the clairvoyant octopus that can predict football matches. I heard somewhere that if one were to place a ten dollar bet on each Paul prediction, by the end of the world cup, one would be richer by close to ten thousand dollars!! This entertaining octopus story apart from being an advertisement for football, brings up questions about life itself - are we just stage actors in a huge preplanned drama and is it possible someone somewhere has a script? Maybe, Paul had a sneak peek into that script? Is that script what we call destiny? Does the script change dynamically depending on what the actors do? Is this a big soap opera on someone's 42 inch plasma TV? Is this a video game on someone's new Play Station....Are you a graphic image in a high resolution environment.....well, maybe ....... maybe not....but it is intriguing to say the least. Do you have the controls for this game or are the buttons being pushed elsewhere? Let me know when you find out....

1 comment:

  1. Paul made the worldcup interesting, by adding some more entertainment. But I think this is a pure gamble.

    It may also be manipulated. The owner could have guessed the result and manipulated the box that Paul would select. It may be the food, some modification to the box, postion of the box etc.,

    All said, I agree that we are all sort of actors in a huge drama, where world (or universe) is the stage.