Thursday, November 25, 2010

And finally what matters!!

I have had a hectic month with lots of travel. Generally, I am used to a lot of travel and have never had a problem with that....until recently. Starting off on one's travels is painful as you kiss your wife and daughters goodbye. Being a father who is away is not the greatest feeling in the world. But everyone has a job to do, and so have I and we must get on with it. Call it age or call it inertia, but travel on work is beginning to wear me down. No, not is wearing me down emotionally.

While on my travels, I am usually engrossed in work and only work.....until recently. I try harder now to meet old friends and family who are close to my destination. My last few visits have been wonderful because I have been meeting friends and catching up on the past, present and future. Friends who travel miles and across cities to make this meeting happen. This can only happen with good and true friends. Call it age or call it nostalgia, but these meetings are for me very special.

And at the end of a long travel, getting on that plane ride back home is the most amazing feeling. My last long visit ended with me boarding the flight to land right in the middle of a family get-together. A family reunion where every one was waiting for me to join. A family reunion that I was longing to be part of. Call it age or call it whatever, but these memories are what life is all about.

Finally, it is not about where you have traveled, it is not about globe-trotting, it is not about the frequent flier miles. Life is about the family who waits longingly for your return. Life is about the few hours spent with old friends after fifteen years in some unknown land. Life is about the aching you feel as you look into the clouds from an airplane. And then you realize, that finally what matters is family and friends!!!

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