Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You complete me !!!

She stays with me, but, was gone away for a couple of days. I was to take care of the kids. I was to take care of the home. After so many years with her, I was most irritable when I should actually have been supportive. She needed to be away, but, I did not feel wholesome. She was a part of me and I was troubled to part with her. When she came back home, I told her in a very Jerry Maguire way, "You complete me !!!"  

My parents stay a few cities away from us. I meet them once in a while, we talk much more often. I keep up with the goings on in their lives, both the good and the not so good parts. I sometimes feel helpless that I am not around to help. I need to stay away, but, I don't feel wholesome. They are a part of me and I wish I could play my part better. To my parents, "You complete me !!!"

My friends stay all around the globe. I try and catch up as much as I can, mostly virtually. We talk about the old days, we talk about the new days, we laugh together, we cry together. I feel alive in their company and I wish I could do that more often. They are a part of me even though we stay apart. To my friends, "You complete me !!!"

My memories of the people from Tokyo to San Diego, from the faraway places that I visited, stay with me. I follow the happenings in these faraway lands, as time permits and internet allows. When I hear about the natural disasters that rocked a little island, when I hear about the devastation by the Tsunami in Japan, my heart bleeds for them. When I hear of pilgrims dying in a stampede in Southern India, my heart skips a beat. For the unknown in these faraway places, I feel the pain. They are a part of me though I know not what part I play. I say to these unknown warriors of life, "You complete me !!!"

I have been to the mountains and I have been to the sea. I have felt like a grain of sand in the vast beaches of Kovalam. I have felt like a pebble in a little stream at the foothills of the Himalayas. I have felt the insignificance, only to be reminded of the significance. I am part of the greater whole, I am more than just me. I say to myself, "You complete others !!!". Believe in the oneness of the universe and recognize the connectedness. You are a part of me, as much as I am a part of you. "You complete me !!!"


  1. Rakesh - your writings are fresh and very nice to read. Keep it up bud.

  2. Rakesh,

    Good one. It brought to memory this line from Lee Ann Womack's 'I hope you dance' - 'I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean'. Everytime i listen to that I almost feel the insignificance one feels by the vast ocean, but at the same time feel the significance of being a part of this entire universe...Beautiful!


  3. Acha your posts are amazing and From now i will keep commenting!!