Saturday, April 14, 2012


Instant inspiration while idling at an airport store watching shoppers and their short-lived excitement.....forgive the man for trying his luck with poetry. Here goes....

For every man with a Rolex
that tells him time is precious
there is a man without a watch
one who wanders freely
One who wanders joyously

For every man with an iPhone
that tells him conversation is important
there is a man without a phone
one who listens attentively
One who connects easily

For every man with a Dior Homme
thats tells him world is tinted
there is a man with no shades
one who sees clearly
One who understands deeply

For every man clothed with a Brioni
that tells him appearances matter
there is a man dressed simply
one who attracts magnetically
One who loves unconditionally

For every man possessed by his own possessions
that traps him in his own illusionary world
there is a man who owns nothing
one who lives carefree, happily
One who lives his life fully