Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father to Daughter

It is heartening to see children pray, the intensity of their conversation with God is overwhelming. It is especially overwhelming when you ask them what they prayed for and they say that they prayed for the entire family. This is a small thanks to my little girls for all their prayers. For their prayers today on Father's day and on every other day. God bless!!

Every time a tremor shakes my world
and when I feel so weak and troubled
I see you close your eyes in prayer
and then I find strength in your prayer

Every time a big wave hits my shores
and when I feel so shaken and disturbed
I see you fold your palms in prayer
and then I find peace in your prayer 

Every time a storm threatens my haven
and when I feel so lonesome and lost
I see you whisper to God in prayer
and then I find the calm in your prayer

In your prayer for me, I find reason
the reason to carry on down this road
In your prayer for me, I find love
the love to carry me down this road

Little girl, thank you for your prayer
Your father finds his reason
And yes, he finds his purpose
in seeing you pray for him forever


  1. One of the advantage of prayer is that it generates positive feelings, optimism... I don't believe in gods, religions... but I believe in prayer!

  2. I love you, Acha! Really missing you a lot!!!