Wednesday, August 15, 2012

65 years of my life and still...

A sad song of one people divided by our own blindness, by our own short-sightedness....there is someone just like you on the other side, give peace a chance.

Lets talk about us, what's right, who's wrong?
The bitter aftertaste or yesterday's passion
A hollow victory or the blood and toil
Empty accusations echoing off the walls
What's right, who's wrong, lets talk about us

Lets talk about us, what's good, who's bad?
Before we forget yesterday's passion
Lest we stop seeing the blood and toil
Or start believing the empty accusations
What's good, who's bad, lets talk about us

Lets talk about us, what's won, who's lost?
Before all that is left is bitterness
Lest we celebrate a few empty victories
Or stop believing in human goodness
What's won, who's lost, lets talk about us

Lets talk about us, two countries, one people?
The invisible lines that tear us apart
Some dark clouds that blur our vision
Or noise that drowns our cry for peace
Two countries, one people, lets talk about us

Lets talk about us, no one's right or wrong!
We won together, but we lost ourselves
Now see the division, but not our oneness
Feel the pain, but not the human goodness
One people, one people, let's talk about us 


  1. CFM, I read this over a couple of times to realize how universal the thought is. Take it away from the most obvious context, and it still works and reads beautifully. Thanks for sharing. And happy independence day to you and your readers.

  2. It's painful how we got our Independence and more so what we are making of our country these days. A beautiful and touchy poem. Last line of each paragraph amazingly written.