Thursday, September 4, 2014

An Ordinary Life

We hope for the extraordinary. Extraordinary talent, extraordinary luck, extraordinary life. The glossy lifestyles, the fancy neighborhoods and the fast cars that make up an extraordinary life. And we strive for that extraordinary life. We make sacrifices along the way to reach the extraordinary. And you have the glossy lifestyle, the fancy neighborhood and the fast car now, so what? The sacrifices have taken their toll on your loved ones. You miss the small simple precious moments of joy. The sacrifices take a toll on your health. You are no longer fit to enjoy anymore of the small simple joys. The sacrifices take a toll on your soul. You no longer recognize the man on the other side of the mirror. You  now lead an extraordinary life with boring ordinariness.

So, here is a prayer for an ordinary life. We don't need the glitz and gloss, we don't need the fancy neighborhoods nor the fast cars. The moments we cherish are the twinkle in her eyes and the happiness in his smile. The moments that matter are the anticipation of a re-union with friends and family. The laughter of friends, the chatter of small children. The moments that give you meaning, the moments you find peace in the serenity of nature. The wonderful stillness of the morning dawn, the chirping melody of the sparrows.  The moments you realize your insignificance, the moments you marvel at the creations of the master. The watercolors in the sky, the firefly lighting the twilight evening. These extraordinary scenes as you travel through time are never to come back, never to be missed. These are the extraordinary moments that decorate an ordinary life. So, here is a prayer for an ordinary life.....and for the ability to enjoy the extraordinary in it.

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