Friday, March 25, 2016

Last Stanza

A morning so bright
HE asked me to write
Lyrics come bursting forth
From deep within my heart
Words flowing through smooth
Ink blue on virgin paper white

Creativity in my morning cup
And inspiration, my daily bread
Exhilaration of the waking hours
Lucidity in my goodnight dreams
Words flow from nether land
Coffee stains on the paper white

And a few mornings go by
Since HE asked me to write
Now this world is in rapture
Some hearts it does capture
Words stutter amidst flash bulbs
Slow dance on the paper white

It has been quite a while
Since I began to write
The world marvels at MY song
I dance intoxicated to its tune
And then the words stop flowing
Blotted ink on ageing paper white

It’s time for the last stanza
And I can’t find the words
The world sniggers at my plight
And I cry out to HIM at night
Finally the words start forming
Shaky ink dries on paper no longer white

The winter morning so cold
And it’s time to write again
The lyrics form in the mind
And my poem almost over
Then HE snatched the pen
 Unfinished on this paper white

That barren winter morning
I said, Lord, my last poem…
And HE said it was never yours
The poem was always MINE
My last stanza too was HIS,
Clear ink on pure paper white

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