Friday, October 15, 2010

@ home

This week we are at my parents. Away from work, it's our time off. Kids are on vacation and enjoying with their grandparents. Well, the week is almost over and we will soon get started on the regular routine...oh, I am so going to miss this blissful time!!

It is over twenty two years since I left my parents home. Why is it that this feels so very blissful everytime I come back home to my parents? Is it because I can act, play and fight like a child again? Is it because I can for sometime wind back the clock and relive the memories? Is it that I have time to do things that I otherwise could not? Is it that my mind is free of clutter? Or is it because my folks make me feel special beyond words? I don't know, it is probably a combination of factors.

Home is certainly the one place you feel extra special. Home is where you feel boundless love. Home is where you don't have to prove yourself to anyone. Home is where you are accepted as you are. Hey, if this is what home is, then home is not necessarily just a physical's a place inside you that you can tap into, if you only try. Being at home is a state of is being comfortable about who you are. It takes special folks to make you feel that way, but finally, it takes you to recognize that state of mind. Look for the moments when you feel at home. With an uncluttered mind and with compassion, you can be @ home always....

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