Monday, June 27, 2011

Get up, Dress up, Show up !!

Real life stories of grit and determination that you see unfold in close quarters teach you more than the annals of history. We often seek inspiration from the heroes, but there are stories of inspiration in the ordinary lives. Remember these stories of grit, salute the folks and learn from them.

It was the winter of 2008 when the world economy was in difficult times. Many jobs were lost and folks had to move out of  their homes. In this bleak environment, a young gentleman with a very young family was told that his job had been made redundant. No, he was doing a terrific job, but due to the economic pressures, the division was shutting down. The person had a few days to find another job. The next day, this gentleman showed up to work as if nothing had happened, with the same enthusiasm. It was unbelievable. He went through the days with so much professionalism. Folks who knew him were speaking about it. Many said it was important to help him find another job in the company. No, not just because they felt any sympathy for him, more so because folks realized that they should not lose such a professional. And yes, the first opportunity that came up, the person was re-hired by the company. This is a true story of dedication, of grit, of professionalism. It is how you react when possibly the worst has happened to you, that determines your character. It shows what you are made of. Don't let the environment dictate your response to the situation. Don't back off, try harder, take charge. Get up, Dress up, Show Up!!

Yes, get up, dress up and show up not just those difficult days at work, but at other times in life too. Get up, dress up and show up when life tries to pull you down. Our very own family friends went through such a difficult phase. She was diagnosed with cancer, but she stood up to it. Not just her, but they stood up to it as a couple. They were enthusiastic and showed belief. They found joy in everyday situations and lived it to the fullest. They fought back and came out stronger. It is such people who inspire with their grit and determination, with their response to what life throws at them. Don't back off, show belief, take charge. With a silent prayer in your heart......Get up, Dress up, Show up!!

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