Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two lives, two deaths in contrast

Last month, October, started with the sad demise of Steve Jobs and later in the month, one saw the grim and gory pictures of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi's death. October saw the passing away of these two world figures, each resulting in contrasting emotions. The quiet and graceful going away of Steve Jobs evoked heartfelt emotions and eulogy from all corners of the world. Messages poured in from people who had probably never ever met him, but had been touched by his genius and had found life through his creations. A fortnight later, one saw the bloody images of Colonel Qaddafi's death when he was hunted down by rebels. The violent death of the Colonel evoked equally strong but dark emotions from people who had again probably never ever met him, but had been touched by his tyranny and had lived in fear of destruction. Two deaths in contrast. Two reactions in contrast.

Two lives lived in contrast, two stories to remember. One story is about the biological son of an Arab immigrant brought up in an American home. A person who went in search of meaning to the Himalayas, only to come back to his home country to find meaning in his work. A genius who found his life's purpose in shaping an infinitely different and superior world to the one we inherited. The famous $ 1 salaried CEO, that was Steve Jobs. He gave back more than he took. He shaped a new world. The other story is about a young freedom fighter who took over the reins in Libya and initially propelled it to prosperity. A person who went in search of power, probably started with all good intentions but was finally undone by the dark and evil shadow of his own excesses. Enamored by power, the power he refused to give up, the power he used in ways that benefited him first, the power that forced him to ignore the greater good. The famous self-styled "King of Kings", that was Colonel Muammar Qaddafi. He took away more than he gave. He obsessively possessed his world, ruled through fear and domination resisting change. Two lives in contrast. Two stories in contrast.

A life of positive change through creation inspiring a generation. And the other, a life of tyranny through fear undermining a generation. In contrast, one was an inspirational life graceful in death. And the other, a self-obsessed life disgraced in the end. In contrast, one is a story of hope for the new age to embrace, the other is a painful remainder of the past to discard. Two lives, two deaths in contrast.  

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