Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creating Pandora, Being Na'vi

I am not sure what was paramount in James Cameroon's mind when he made Avatar, the movie. It was probably fulfilling his dream to make a grand epic movie on a scale unheard off. It was probably his version of unlimited human progress and a rendering of a simple story about that. It was probably his fear of the unlimited human greed and a means, a campaign to raise awareness. Or possibly, it was his desire to create an ideal world and an uncomplicated ideal race. The world called Pandora and the race called Na'vi.

The movie works at different levels, but it is this last bit that keeps coming back to me. Considering it has been well over a year since I last saw the movie, it is incredible that it still makes me think about it. Not many movies do that to me. This one does and in a very unconventional way. I think of Pandora, I think of Na'vi, I think about the interconnected world that is created, that is depicted in the movie. I think about "the tree of souls" that shows a sort of neural network of consciousness in Pandora. I think about how the Na'vi leverage this tree of souls and its network to transfer consciousness, transfer life energy from one body to another. I think about how beautifully the concept of "life energy" is depicted in the movie. It makes you wonder if this energy network is real. Does that apply to us as human beings? Is it just that it is easier to accept this living energy network and energy transfer in an alien race like the Na'vi? Is it just that it is easier to accept this concept in an alien land like Pandora?

I was listening this morning to Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, a Sufi practitioner. I discovered him on the internet and heard him on YouTube. He spoke about the same life energy, about how we are blessed to be human beings, about how we have the ability to transmit energy, about how this energy travels and talks in silence. He spoke about energy being negative or positive, about energy being polluting or sacred, but essentially he spoke of us humans as carriers and transmitters of energy. Do you feel this energy in you? Are you doing enough to channel this energy consciously? A few months back, I was forwarded a link on where Liz Gilbert, the author of "Eat, Love, Pray" spoke about her creative writing process. She says, "every morning I just show up and after sometime, an energy passes through me, and the writing happens". She speaks of the creative process as a spiritual experience. When I think about it, there are times when you see the joy and unstoppable energy that is channeled through in very real circumstances. Be it a simple game of football or a well-versed paragraph of prose. There are times when it feels surreal. There are times when it feels supernatural. There are times when you feel the energy. Can we tap into this network of energy? Can we bring the positivity this world so needs by transmitting the non-polluting positive energy in our daily interactions? Can we start one small step at at a time? Start with us.....create an energy network. Creating our own Pandora !! Being Na'vi !!

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