Monday, January 3, 2011

Half a Heart

This New Year, I resolve to....The resolutions are many, each of us has our own. As the year wears on, some of those resolutions fall by the way side. There are very few folks I know who stick to their resolutions and make a habit out of it. You might be one of them, I am certainly not. And I realize that making resolutions really don't make sense, especially if they are half-hearted attempts at getting something done. So, this New Year I have only one resolution. The resolution is that I don't live the daily routine with half a heart, I don't walk the path with half a heart, I don't follow that resolution with half a heart.

I read this interesting newspaper column about the Theosophical Society and it was called out there that the biggest impediment to spiritual progress is halfheartedness. And when you think about it, it applies to all aspects of life, not just the spiritual. And, of course that includes one's New Year resolutions too. Leading life halfheartedly is certainly not leading the full life. And so, think about it....what is heart? Is it purpose? Is it passion? Is it intensity? It is certainly all of that. Look at your resolutions and ask the  questions - Do you buy in to the purpose? Are you intense and passionate about it? Else, don't go down that path with half a heart to eventually quit. I am putting myself to the test and I am backing myself to survive. Yes, it is about faith too.

Build purpose and passion in everything you do, that is the recipe to wholeheartedness. Half a heart is not the life to lead. Stay the course, make your resolutions come true !!

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