Friday, January 7, 2011

What are the blackbirds dying to tell us?

Media hype? Paranoia? Portends of Apocalypse? Thousands of blackbirds are falling from the sky in America and now Sweden. I wonder what this is all about. It looks like it is right out of a Neil Gaiman story. What are the blackbirds dying to tell us?

Looking for answers, I hit a multitude of possibilities, all through my limited research on the internet. National Geographic like publications saying that birds or wildlife dying in groups is common occurrence. The only thing unusual being that these blackbirds happened to fall close to habitation. There was nothing more to read into it. Conspiracy theorists stating that this was the beginning of bad things to come. No debate, I told you this would happen. Nostradamus fortunately did not seem to have anything on this in his prophecies. And that was a relief. But, of course, there is the pole shift hypothesis and these were the first signs of that according to some. Finally, the fun loving cynics asked us to bake the blackbirds into a pie and eat them without thinking too much. But, think, I did. What are the blackbirds dying to tell us?

Animal Totem literature indicates that the blackbird refers to consciousness and awakening of the mind, it indicates being more self-aware. And this is what struck me the most, the blackbird teaches the use of intuition to understand nature and the connectedness of all things. In this context, I wonder if the dying blackbirds were passing on a message? There are signs around us. And I debated if this was one. Is the dying blackbird metaphorical to the slow death of consciousness? Is it the unidimensional materialistic mind overriding the balanced self aware mind? Is it telling us that we are killing the interconnectedness of this universe? Does it show us the current state of nature and that we have broken away from the wholeness? These will remain questions unanswered for a while. But, it at least gets us to introspect. Are we too self-centered, are we forgetting the interconnectedness of this universe, are we killing our own conscious state for superficial impermanent pleasures? Are the blackbirds dying to tell us just that?

I chanced upon this poem by Steven Wallace..."Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird".
The river is moving.
The blackbird must be flying.
Water symbolizes life and the blackbird symbolizes consciousness. If water moves, nature lives and the blackbird the same logic, if the blackbird dies? What are the blackbirds dying to tell us?

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  1. The blackbirds tell us that everything is transitory and you can perish for no reason even in mid flight at the peak of your prime.

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